Goriška is a region divided between Slovenia and Italy. It stretches from the sea to the high peaks of the Alps. Its proximity to the Adriatic Sea and the Alpine peaks gives it a mild climate throughout the year, making it one of the nicest places to live in.

Slovenian Goriška is a region with 118,000 inhabitants, located in the westernmost part of Slovenia. After the Second World War Nova Gorica (with 32,000 residents) became an important university, scientific, cultural, comercial and sports centre. Nova Gorica, also called the city of roses, boasts a number of hotels of all categories, small guesthouses and apartments, which are known for excellent cuisine and superb wine.

Main aorta of Goriška is the Soča River, which originates in the heart of the Julian Alps. In its almost entire 138 km length to the sea Soča River is a paradise for paddlers and other water sports enthusiasts.

Solkan is a place known for its carpentry and also canoeing. Kayakers have become active in particular before the Second World War and shortly after, when they formally organised themselves into a club that still exists today. Canoe racing is here at home. Names such as Prijon, Bone, Špacal, Jug, Pellegrini, Poberaj, Abramič, Štrukelj and others have carried the good name of Solkan kayakers into the world with many world champion titles and other successes, and with their knowledge and enthusiasm to develop the canoeing sport as we know it today.