Official championships period

23rd – 25th August 2021

Competition Rules

The 2021 ICF Junior and U23 Wildwater Canoeing World Championships in Solkan will be organised in accordance with the ICF Wildwater Canoeing racing and competition rules.

Anti-Doping-Education Certificate (ADeL-Certificate) is necessary by latest until Tuesday, 11th August.


The number of participants at all World Championships is defined according to the ICF rules.


Wildwater Canoeing

Men junior: K1, C1, C2/ individual and team events

Women junior: K1, C1, C2/ individual and team events

Men U23: K1, C1, C2/ individual and team events

Women U23: K1, C1, C2/ individual and team events

Athletes Area at the venue

A section of the public viewing place will be made available exclusively for the competitors. The separate area will be provided for all the teams. Teams can also apply for limited space to build their area – tents. The area will be assigned by the organiser.

Boat Hire: available quantity and rental fees (if required)

There are limited boats available for hire; however, they will not be the top competition models.

Transport of athletes and officials during the competition

The transportation of competitors from the place of accommodation to the competition venue is the responsibility of the respected teams. The OC will organise the transport for the race officials on the basis of the individual needs.

Access to transportation for leisure

Solkan is a suburb of the city of Nova Gorica. The bus stop of the city transport is approximately 350 metres away from the venue place itself. The proximity of the city to the Solkan venue guarantees a number of visitors who will arrive with bicycles and by foot.

Medical support

Location of local hospitals

The Clinical Hospital with 24-hour medical services is 6 kilometres away.

Ambulance crew and doctor will be on a standby in the area daily during the competition days. By demand we are able to provide a sport massages and therapies at the event venue for the whole duration of trainings and competitions. Sport massage and therapies services are at your own cost and not covered by the organiser.

First aid

A van with first aid will be located in the competition area.

Water safety

Rescue service in the competition area will be organised during the competition days.

Medical Insurance

Organising Committee kindly asks all participants of the event to ensure medical insurance policy in their countries. Organising Committee will not cover any expenses in connection with hospital or dental treatment.

Security at the venue

All competitors as well as officials will have accreditation passes enabling them the access to their designated areas. General security will be delivered by a local security agency.

The organiser will not accept any responsability for missing equipment and other goods.

Access pass and parking

Parking places will be organised. Every team will be allowed to park one van with the trailer.

Internet access

Available in most areas of the Kayak centre Solkan.